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A Bullet With My Name – “Ascension” Short Fiction Contest

Posted in betrayal, Crime, Short Stories with tags , , , on January 10, 2009 by harshad

There’s a great contest on at The Clarity Of Night…with cool prizes. Do check it out and join the fun!

This is my entry. First time I have written something in 250 words, haven’t been able to be too descriptive as I usually like to be. 

The link to my entry

A Bullet With My Name

The world passes me in a rush, the people around me a general blur. I run through the long corridors of the mall, taking every turn, hoping not to run into a dead end. I can hear Amrit panting behind me, her heels making it impossible for her to keep up. Ducking behind a rack, I ask her to take them off. 

The two men following us run past. I have an idea.

I tear the tag off a jacket and put it on. I tell Amrit to wear a scarf and follow a few steps behind. Strolling casually, I walk out the exit, only to be stopped by a security guard. 

I see Amrit walk out. The guard takes me to the security officer. He is easy. I grease him to let me off. Hoping Amrit might have escaped, I walk towards a security exit.

Then she screams.

I rush back inside, only to find the two men holding some girl hostage. I feel like a fish on a hook. They point their guns at me. I run for the stairs leading down to the basement. Petitioning God, I jump, shots whizzing past me.
They follow me down, when I see Amrit. Shocked to see her there, I tell her to run, but she walks towards me. 

She walks towards me, puts a gun to my heart and pulls the trigger. Falling to the ground, the last thing I see are her feet, moving heavenward on an escalator.


Glitter Redux or F*** Love!

Posted in Occult, Short Stories with tags , , on December 17, 2008 by harshad

The large diamond on her ring sparkled subtly in the waning light. Its numerous faces looked sinful…distant lights sparkling on its sharp edges.
Andrea looked at it and felt a tingle of excitement shoot through her body.
She shivered in the thin nightgown. She had put it on today only for him. People on the way had given her strange looks. She had ignored them…anything for Julian, she thought. She was going to be with him again.
The wind was playing mischief at that late hour-as gentle as a stream one moment, as wild as a gale the next. The gown flapped against her legs noisily. From a distance, her silhouette looked like a perfectly sculpted female form.
She grew impatient with each passing minute.
The week had seemed to her like an eternity. But now she couldn’t wait. She wanted to feel his arms wrapped around her. The smell of his cologne was still etched in her mind…a scent that roused her even now.
She looked up at the stars and the moonlit sky. It was a beautiful night. The disc of the full moon was mesmerizing. In a surge of excitement, she slid the gown off her. Closing her eyes, she imagined him coming up and lifting her in a warm embrace.
"Be patient" she told herself and looked at the ring. Staring at the diamond, her lips unconsciously curled into a smile. She vividly remembered the day he had proposed to her. After the initial euphoric shock, she had squealed with joy looking at the beautiful diamond he had slid onto her finger.

Now he lay at her feet…a tombstone marking the spot.

"I cant wait any longer" she said to herself.
She took off the ring and stared at the diamond. All she had to do was swallow it…and she would be with him again. Closing her eyes, she bit the stone off the ring.

Just then, a faint rustle passed through the woods behind the tree. She opened her eyes…staring into her face were two flaming blue orbs. Startled, she backed off.

“Ahh….you don’t require to worry beautiful…I am not here to hurt you..ssss!”

A man stepped out of the shadows…his face glowing bright silver under the moon. His eyes shone a brilliant blue. A thick tuft of fur shrouded his neck.

Shocked, she somehow mumbled…”You are a werewolf!”

“Yesss…a loup-garou…am not from this world…nor from the domain where he tarries…either” he pointed at the tombstone. “You are a beautiful creature…pity wasting that beauty for someone who is all mud and worms! Come with me…I forebode a beauteous abode for your soul….”

His eyes seemed to glow brighter with each word. She stood in a trance…her loneliness pushing her to cling to every word.

He howled as the moon shone the brightest. “Not much time I have…come with me…let me bleed you before the moon wanes…and you shall be mine..” he was on all fours now, bristling fur sprouting all over him.

Mesmerized, she held out her arm. His eyes shone brighter…and he swiped her glowing skin. A smart of blood escaped in a thin line…she wailed like a banshee…blood rushing in gusts inside her…her mind muddled with images of a misty forest…wolf-men running in packs…howling to the full moon…clawing at trees…running like the wind…in a world lined with silver.

Before long, her transformation was complete. He ran into the forest. She followed…but stopped…letting her wolvine self surrender to one final roguery of the human mind.

Lifting a furry leg, she let out a stream of warm weewee on the tombstone.



This is a redo of a short I had written a while back…..Glitter. If you wish to read the original, here’s the link