“About Me”




I always wish I can really write something meaningful in the ‘About Me’ pages everywhere…orkut,facebook…I never seem to know myself that well. Or at least think I dont know myself as Im writing this. There are days when its different though…my thoughts clear up all of a sudden like the fog does on the first sunray…and I feel that I really know myself. The feeling is shortlived…

One thing I know is that I never fail to surprise myself. What i decide I wont ever do…i find doing it a few days, months down the line…almost as if I dont allow myself to do what I want in the first place. Confusing? Well, thats one thing more about me u know now.

I like to think of myself…(i do this a lot)…as…? Anything and Everything that I want to be.

That is it. Stupd seriousness.


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