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Interviews coming up…wont be able to post this week. Hope to land a job. Tc all!


Sane and Dead

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The darkness around consumes me as I ride through. Trees appear and again melt into the air…leaving behind blurry outlines of the moment of their existence. I hunt for milestones…markers to remind me of what is to come.

The city is 10 kilometres away.

It reveals its existence once very few turns, bright lights finding their way through the maze of trees, electricity poles and general rot.  I ride in anticipation.

The road winds ahead of me. I agree to its path…with reluctance. Its not time yet. The engine throbs under me. Pushing it down to neutral, I engage first and jerk open the throttle, riding the wind on one wheel. I like the feeling of being in control.

She rushes into my thoughts with the wind. The whole pink-lips-pretty-smile-soft-hair-sweet-voice-warm-hugs of her. I turn around and salute with a finger what I am leaving behind.

The city approaches.

The lights claw towards me. I accelerate and rush headlong into an intersection of two highways.

I see fate rushing towards me on 18 wheels. I hope the front disc works as advertised…but decide not to use it.

Sadly, the trucker is not insane . He brakes, his machine wobbles embarrassingly for its size and takes down two cars with it.

I stop, stare, and ride on to get my fill of chilled beer for the night.

A Bullet With My Name – “Ascension” Short Fiction Contest

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There’s a great contest on at The Clarity Of Night…with cool prizes. Do check it out and join the fun!

This is my entry. First time I have written something in 250 words, haven’t been able to be too descriptive as I usually like to be. 

The link to my entry

A Bullet With My Name

The world passes me in a rush, the people around me a general blur. I run through the long corridors of the mall, taking every turn, hoping not to run into a dead end. I can hear Amrit panting behind me, her heels making it impossible for her to keep up. Ducking behind a rack, I ask her to take them off. 

The two men following us run past. I have an idea.

I tear the tag off a jacket and put it on. I tell Amrit to wear a scarf and follow a few steps behind. Strolling casually, I walk out the exit, only to be stopped by a security guard. 

I see Amrit walk out. The guard takes me to the security officer. He is easy. I grease him to let me off. Hoping Amrit might have escaped, I walk towards a security exit.

Then she screams.

I rush back inside, only to find the two men holding some girl hostage. I feel like a fish on a hook. They point their guns at me. I run for the stairs leading down to the basement. Petitioning God, I jump, shots whizzing past me.
They follow me down, when I see Amrit. Shocked to see her there, I tell her to run, but she walks towards me. 

She walks towards me, puts a gun to my heart and pulls the trigger. Falling to the ground, the last thing I see are her feet, moving heavenward on an escalator.