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Double Take Anyone?

Posted in Lame Justifications with tags , , , on November 28, 2008 by harshad

So, Mumbai’s been pounded again. And I (all of us) have got a shiny-new topic to rant about here. A chance to rave and rant about the ‘inability’ of the government to tackle terrorism. An issue which the government has been facing since 1984-the assassination of Indira Gandhi.

The truth is, I dont really feel like saying anything. It just doesn’t affect me that much. Really. And I just know ranting is not going to do any good. Its great to watch it all on TV. The troops (MarCos) descending from choppers, NSG guys going in with RPGs…gunshot staccato…all that makes up a cool movie actually. Go watch it on TV! 

Why the fuck am I so desensitized to all of this? I mean…sorry to say this…but Times NOW has been a great source of ‘entertainment’ for the last day and a half!  

These days, for something to make us think…it has to be shocking. Disturbing. And for something to be shocking…it has to have an element of surprise. But I wasn’t surprised this time around. I have been hearing of terrorist attacks every damn year since I started to understand a bit of all that it stood for. 1991-2008…a terrorist attack somewhere, every damn year. Whats new?

The only thing that intrigued me and got my lame ass mind off the usual stuff it engages itself with were the pictures of the terrorists being flashed on TV. That guy with the clean-shaven face, cool tee, cargos and a nice backpack with maybe a laptop and an iPod. With a few rounds and a few grenades. The definiton of cool for any teenager. Next time around, it may so happen that the terrorist they are showing on TV was a regular at our corner CS haunt. Maybe then it will affect me. Maybe not.


The Blown Job

Posted in Minute of Angle with tags , , , on November 25, 2008 by harshad

I wait in the bush, lying prone…staring at the mobile phone.

I recall Kari’s words…”I’m trusting you with this…don’t make me eat my words.“…words that put me up on my first solo mission. 

I feel the cold barrel of my Mauser…worth a carload of money…money that could have been used to get better communication equipment. And saved us from counting on BSNL for being in touch.  I feel a cold chill at the thought. Kari had shown a great amount of faith in me…and doggedly secured funds for the gun from The Chief. I was just a newcomer…

I shiver with anticipation of the kill.

“Calm down…any minute now.”

I stare through the scope. Things invisible just a moment ago reveal themselves…cars…buildings…and the glass door. He will come out that door. Its good death does not show itself. Wonder what he would feel like…staring at his own death through the glass…

There’s a first time for everything. And the sniper in me is excited…800 meters to cover…one bullet…no second chances. I think of my camping days in CS…and my AWM.

The air is cold…I light a smoke to stop shaking and calm my nerves. “Solid Snake does this too…”. I check the watch. Just about time. 

The grass around me cracks. The wind blows strange tunes in the woods behind me. A hyena cackles in the distance…delightful…

I scope again. People moving, coming out of the building. Curtains being drawn open. People walking out through the front door. Nothing at the glass door yet. My glass door. I shift in the grass…position my rifle better. She has a great recoil…I won’t like it on a cold day.

He appears. Black suit. Black hair. Black boots. The Chief

Don’t ask questions. Don’t get surprised. Do your job.”…Kari’s words last night.

I pull the trigger. His head explodes in a careless mess. I cannot stay to watch the fun. Picking up my stuff, I run to my Contessa with a fast engine under the hood. I rev up and get out of the woods…my phone vibrates. Must be Kari. It is.

Mission cancelled. Killed that bastard in the meeting.

The message was sent 10 minutes ago. Damn you BSNL.

Silver Chill

Posted in Love and Romance with tags , , , , , on November 14, 2008 by harshad

The salty water filled his mouth. He stared at her…unable to fathom what had happened. The waves twisted and turned her form…moving farther every second…

A thin smile appeared on his lips. The events of the evening came rushing back to him…

Wearing his blue (or was it grey?) suit, he was not really looking forward to see her. It was just yesterday (or was it more?) when he had confessed his love…and she had not said anything. Her silence told him what she felt. Always a fugitive, he had decided to leave the town, sure that he could not bear seeing her in some other man’s arms. Just before leaving, he had asked her to come see him…one last time.

They had decided to meet at the docks…he could meet her and leave on the ferry for the converted carge ship moored in the distance.

Dressed in a black gown, she looked stunning. He stared at the glittering bracelet on her bare arm…and felt a jab in the gut…wishing he could hold her arm…hold her hand…caress her lips…it pained him..knowing that she was all dressed up not for him. He had tried to hide his tears…it wasn’t easy after the whole vodka he had downed…

He smiled at her, “You look beautiful”

“Thank you. Its a friend’s birthday by the beach.” He knew she was lying.

“Oh..thats nice. Do wish her from me. I am leaving.” He blurted.

“Where for?” He had hated her then…or hated the absence of even a hint of disappointment in her voice.

“…have an assignment…”

“Okay…Come back soon though.”  Why was she being so…uninterested?

“Ofcourse…” He did not wish to tell her that he was going for good…lest she thought it was because of her. Or maybe he did not wish to let her know that he had lost. There was still some pride left in him.

There was an awkward silence between them. The ferry rumbled up to the dock. People scrambled around them…shouting…calling to their children…shoving each other…he felt like a statue in a marketplace.

He looked at her…she was looking away, at the city lights…lost in her thoughts…or maybe just impatient to get back. Her foot was tracing a small arc on the ground.

“Your friends might be waiting for you…better go now” He said.

“Yea…I should. Dont want to miss out on the cake!” she managed a fake laugh.

The ferry had started to move away. He took a step towards it and stopped. There was something in her eyes. She cocked a wink at him and jumped into the ferry. Stunned for a moment, he ran for it but the ferry was out of reach. He jumped.

The salty water filled his mouth. He stared at her…unable to fathom what had happened. The waves twisted and turned her form…moving farther every second…he started swimming towards the ferry. A thin smile appeared on his lips…a smile of ecstasy. She held out a hand. He grabbed it and climbed aboard. They hugged under the november moon…the chill in the air bringing them ever closer…

The Now

Posted in Intro on November 13, 2008 by harshad

At a risk of coming across as an arrogant dick, I wish to make it clear that I have never been comfortable with formalities.

So, Hello and welcome to my blog…(and all the other formalities that go with this kind of a first post.)

This is not my first blog. I have one at which is now dead.

I really wish to apologize to all those who supported me there for leaving so abruptly…but I just was not able to come up with anything. It was a f*****g long writer’s block (an excuse, i think) maybe, or maybe whatever had been going on in my life for the last few months took my mind off all this…but i’m really sorry for being so ‘rude’.

I wish and hope that I can write regularly here.